The SBR: Tech News & Antics: 2006-02-19

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Apple has class, even when dealing with hackers...

In pure Mac fashion Apple computers, in there new OS X system built to work on the Intel chips, has included a warning to hackers and crackers. This warning comes in the form of an embedded poem. Only Apple would come up with such a classy act to poke at the would be hackers.

Go Mac!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Its a bird! Its a fish! It's the Navy's new toy!

Skunk Works is at it again with this new spy plane. It's capabble of taking off from, and landing to 150 feet underwater. Not bad, I wonder where they got the inspiration for such a design.

And so ends the first day...

Well, this is the end of the first day of The SBR. We have had 0 visitors!!! This is to be expected. With any luck, someone will decide to read the blog, but until then...

1:00 am + 50 minute presentation to give to a multimedia class in the morning = bedtime...

Army testing robot convoys!

The army is currently testing robots for use in convoys. It seems that a lead vehicle is manned and the other vehicles are autonomous robots that follow the lead. This is pretty cool, and very challenging. It would be interesting to see how the vehicle would handle the lead going around a close proximity obstacle, such as quickly avoiding a crater, or tree, etc...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Robots in disguise!!

Here is a video of what sounds like some kind of Japanese robotics contest (could be totally wrong with that one). This thing really is awesome, and best of all, it poses before transforming back to a vehicle.


What is the world comming to...

An Amish boy hacked his neighbors phone line to make long distance calls to relatives that he missed. Now, I have nothing against the Amish, but my question is, how does one who shuns phones learn to splice into a line? Really it isn't that hard, but how did he know how to do it?

Oh well, it's not my business anyway.

Welcome Welcome!

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