The SBR: Tech News & Antics: 2006-02-26

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Puzzling alarm clock.

Have you ever slept through your alarm clock. Who hasn't. This little guy might change that. It's an alarm clock, but the catch is that it doesn't shut off when you press a button. Instead, you have to put together a simple 4 piece puzzle. When it is completed the alarm will shut off.

New underwater IMAX movie.

Deep Sea 3D is a new movie coming to IMAX theaters. It features a multitude of underwater creatures, and is viewed through 3-D glasses. The film is narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. Deep Sea 3D portrays the lives of underwater creatures, and how they all intertwine. As well as the destructive impact of human influence.

IMAX is awesome, so underwater 3D IMAX should be even cooler.

RFID to end the world?

Come ye all, come and listen. Tis RFID that will bring the wrath of God, and end this world.

At least that is what author Katherine Albrecht seems to think. Apparently RFID has been predicted in the book of revelations as a sign that the world will be ending.

Technological advancement, increased security, and unlimited uses...Nope, death.

Good grief...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Microsoft vs. Google!

In other news, MS is planning to take on Google as well, claiming that they will be releasing a new search engine in a few months that will be twice as effective as Google, returning more relevant material per search. The new engine will also come integrated into the new Windows Vista operating system.

I'm not counting this one out yet. Making a claim that it will be twice as effective isn't something MS would go around saying if it wasn't true.

We shall see.

Microsoft plans to take on the iPod.

Microsoft is preparing the release of a handheld multimedia all-in-one. With the growing popularity of Apples iPod line, Microsoft is jumping on the bandwagon with it's "Origami". Did anyone think MS wasn't going to come out with a device to compete against Apple? The Origami is suspected to be able to play music, videos, games, a touch screen, and wireless web access. Not to shabby for a portable device.

I can see it now...A mini blue screen of death...

Tick killing robot.

Engineers at the Virginia Military Institute have constructed a robot that's purpose is to navigate a yard while collecting and killing any ticks it finds. It uses a denim skirt (that the ticks naturally cling to) soaked in tick killing pesticide. This is an interesting idea, but personally I am not that impressed with it. Basically it just drives around the yard for hours hoping to run into a tick with its denim skirt.

It' creative, but I think there is probably a better way.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Mac Mini!!!

Oh, you knew this was coming. Being a Mac owner and supporter myself, I couldn't let something like this slip through the blog. On Tuesday Apple unveiled their new Intel based Mac Mini, and I must say, I am impressed. First off, lets get it out of the way, there is in fact a price increase with the new Mini, brining the base system to $599, and the upgraded system to $799. However, with the features that have been added/upgraded, the extra cost is well worth it. The base model comes with the Intel Core solo processor at 1.5gHz, and this is a great chip, but for the extra money you can get the Mini with a Intel Core Duo, which is the same processor they are using in the Mac Book Pros and IMacs. The upgraded model also includes a Double Layer Superdrive, which itself is worth the extra cash.

I wish I had $799, I'd buy one.

How to give yourself temporary night vision!!

Ok, coolest thing ever right here. It's really simple. Take one hand and hold it over one of your eyes (keep your eye closed as well) for at least 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes is up, shut off all of the lights so that it is very difficult to see with your eye that is not covered. Then, uncover your eye. Too your surprise you will be able to see everything clearly!

This is awsome, and everyone should try. The reason this works is that the rods in your eye that allow for low light vision take 20 minutes to adjust to darkness levels. When adjusted to the no light condition of your hand, the available light condition of a dark room becomes clear.
Note: Rods only see in black and white, so that is how you will see in the dark, but some color might be visible.

Sony Bravia commercial meets Battlefield 2...

So, what do you get when you take the Sony Bravia commercial that features thousands of super balls bouncing down a San Francisco street, and spoof it with Battlefield 2. You guessed it, Bunny Bouncing! Seriously, even if you haven't played the game it is still hilarious.

How to preserve a snowflake!

Ever look at a snowflake and think to yourself, "Oh, how pretty..." But when you go to pick it up, it melts away and is gone forever, since no two snowflakes are the same. Well, now you can get that flake and keep it forever. This article explains how with the use of some chilled tools and super glue, you can save that snowflake.

Cool stuff, if your really into snowflakes.

Project to preserve extinct languages.

The Rosetta project got its inspiration from the original Rosetta Stone. This project aims at providing a means of deciphering languages that are in danger of becomming, or already are extinct. The amazing thing is that the size of the Rosetta disk created for this project are only about 5.08 centemeters in diameter, and made from a micro-etched nickle alloy. The Rosetta disk contains 27,000 language pages (27 pages for each language), and in the center a map of the earth outlining the origins of the languages.

This is freaking amazing.

Where do I get one?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Fitness may improve brain function.

According to this Science News article, exercising regularly not only gets you into good physical shape, it also improves brain function. Fitness prompts nerve cells to multiply, and it also strengthens their connections. This allows the brain to function with optimal efficiency, and also seems to benefit damaged and diseased nerves

Lake Champlain serpent monster?

Apparently there have been reports and sightings of a serpent like monster in Lake Champlain for decades. In fact, it's called Champ, Americans Loch Ness monster. This story features two respected Lake Champlain fishermen who claim to have caught the monster on digital video. Now, don't get me wrong, video proof is pretty good evidence in my book. However, if you take the 4 minutes to watch the video, you will notice that they ONLY SHOW A WAKE!! Following the wake, there is what to me looks like a piece of rope floating next to the boat, but who knows since the camera angle is so bad, and it's only shown for like a second. This is less convincing than the original Loch Ness photos that were proven false.

Still no visitors...

Come on, I'm trying to weed out the best of the best stories, videos, and anything else that's cool. Still, however, there are no visitors...Now I'm sad.

No bother, it's only been a few days anyway. Hopefully someone will stop by...Someday.

Einstein Robot

Here is a video of an Einstein look alike robot. The thing is, it actually looks real. To the extent that it is just as scary as it is intriguing.

It's break time, have some fun.

Working to hard? Need a break? Here are the top 101 free, yes FREE, games to download and play!

Free is good, free is very good.

Personal recon UAV!

You very own UAV spy plane, capable of taking digital pictures mid flight. This is a remote-control plane with onboard digital camera that can take up to 26 pictures on command, and within a 360 degree viewing range.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

This or that day in history...

Google Date is a nifty little project that allows users to search any date, and find out what happened on that day throughout history. Also, it has an option to just see what happened on this day in history.
Ever wonder what happened on your birthday, then check it out.

Prescription chocolate...

Apparently, chocolate is the way to go. Antioxidant flavonoids in dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure. The problem is that most of the beneficial flavonoids are lost in commercial products, but there may ways to prevent this loss.

Mmm, chocolate...

New target in the fight against HIV.

Scientists have discovered how a molecule controls the ability of HIV to take over, or hijack, the genetics of a human cell. This finiding offers a new target for blocking HIV.
This is an interesting read, even if you don't understand all of the technical stuff.